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Have a question ladies?

Please find some of our FAQ’s here.


Do I have to be fit and healthy?

Yes. You must be fit and healthy to join CC Tours and Travel on tour. Our tours require a lot of walking. If you suffer from any major health issues that you cannot manage yourself with ease, unfortunately, our tour’s cannot provide the level of care you may need.

Can I join a tour alone?

Absolutely. That’s what this is all about. Likeminded, fabulous women creating lasting friendships and memories and having an absolute blast all at the same time.

Do itineraries change?

Inevitably there may be a few little tweaks to the plan, occasionally. Plans change dependant on weather, dining availability, unforeseen circumstances and group decisions.

What if I choose not to do an activity?

Please notify me prior to the tour, if possible if there is something that does not interest you. If you decide on the tour not to do an activity then that is absolutely fine, however the tour will proceed with the planned itinerary. We can certainly assist you with alternative ideas if you like.

In Bali, who will I share with?

Please advise when booking, as to whether you want single or shared accommodation. If you are travelling with a friend and have nominated to share, then I will ensure that you are together. If you are travelling solo & sharing, you are bound to enjoy a fabulous new friendship, with a likeminded lady.

Are my flights included?

No. You will need to book your own flights. We can help with all your flight and travel planning. Please just let us know if we can help.

Do I need my own travel insurance?

Yes. You must have your own Comprehensive Travel Insurance to come on the Bali tour. You will need to provide copies of the insurance prior to departure. Please let me know if you need help choosing a provider.

Can I travel before or after the Bali tour?

Absolutely. You can definitely take advantage of being in fabulous Bali.

Why aren’t all meals always included?

Our tours are flexible, to suit your needs.When we do eat as a group & if the meal is not included, we can work out payment arrangements at the time to make it easy for the group.

What about alcohol?

If you don’t drink alcohol then that is okay but please be aware that it will be a part of many of our dining experiences. On our Bali tour, wine is very expensive but cocktails and beer are well priced. You can bring 1ltr of alcohol, per person, into Bali or purchase alcohol at the local wine store prior to your arrival or during the tour.Many great liquor stores have popped up in Bali during recent years.