When I tell people, I’m originally from Adelaide, they generally say “I’ve always wanted to go to Adelaide but….” and “What do you do there?”

Adelaide gets dismissed so often, as abit boring and uneventful, but I’m here to tell you that is absolutely nowhere near the truth.

For your reading pleasure, here is just a few super interesting facts about Radalaide:

✈︎ For six straight years Adelaide has been named in the 10 ten of World’s most liveable cities.

✈︎ It is the only Australian capital city that was inhabited by free settlers, not convicts, at their inception.

✈︎ Adelaide has more live music bars and clubs per capita than any other Australian city.

✈︎ Two of SA’s farmers markets, were named in Australia’s top 10 farmers’ markets by Australian Traveller magazine.

✈︎ South Australia remains the only Australian mainland state that is fruit fly free, meaning their fruit and vegetables need less pesticides.

McLaren Vale Winery

McLaren Vale

And do not forget folks, that South Australia is one of the country’s (and Worlds) best wine regions, with over 200 cellar doors. My absolute favourite is the McLaren Vale wine region, which is to the south of Adelaide.

On my most recent trip down to Adelaide, wineries and markets were not visited and festivals were infact not on the agenda. This trip, we made our way out to the ‘not so touristy’ area of the Yorke Peninsula.

Yorkes, as locals know it, is jam-packed with attractions. From galleries and museums to restaurants, cosy cafes and golfing.

Marion Bay Marion Bay SA.

The Yorke Peninsula has a wide and varied heritage with many towns boasting their own local museums to inform entertain.

Surfing, swimming, eating, camping and wildlife watching, there’s so much to see and do along the kilometres of pristine coastline on the Yorke Peninsula.

Time to sit back, relax and take the very easy 3.5 hour drive across to Marion Bay on the Yorke Peninsula, from the Airport.

But first, a quick pit stop to Adelaide finest supermarket and that it truly is, Foodland Pasadena.

Here, your tastebuds will be blown away, each product is a boutique offering in its own right.

There is a restaurant that cooks food from the produce available, cooking lessons, live music by local musicians, a cheese bar with wine pairings and market nights!

If you are a foodie, you absolutely must pop on over to this inner southern suburban supermarket extravaganza.

My top pick, was the handmade Porcini mushroom and black pepper dip. It was so darn fine with our South Aussie red wine.

Gourmet cheeses

Gourmet cheeses galore

After leaving Adelaide, heading North, you will pass the fruit growing region of Virginia and hit Port Wakefield, which for me means halfway yay. A quick leg stretch and you’re back on the open road.

The drive itself has a heap of seascape, country town photo ops however we are laser focused on our afternoon arrival at Marion Bay. I’m not stopping, no siree bob! Fresh, succulent Crayfish and crisp, white wine are calling my name, so onwards we must go.

Marion Bay is located on the Yorke Peninsula’s southern tip and just on the edge of the amazingly wild and untouched Innes National Park. It is a teeny town. It is more a surfing and fishing holiday destination with a fantastic tavern, than a large country town.

Marion Bay has less than 200 permanent residents and 70% of the houses are holiday rentals. There is a very clean Motel and the Marion Bay Tavern. Both owned and operated by the Harkin family, who have been locals to the town for over 10 years and happen to be lifelong friends of mine.

The Tavern provides innovative and fresh food and excellent service at very good prices. It also has a fully licensed restaurant, a fab selection of wine, all day wood fired pizza, take away liquor, Foxtel and a courtesy bus.



When you visit Marion Bay, or any of the surrounding towns and campsites within the Innes National Park, you will without a doubt find yourself at this super-duper Tavern, smack bang on the waterfront.

My absolute top pick is the mouth-wateringly delicious and fresh Seafood Pizza with all the little salty delicacies piled high as possible. Why oh why do I need to fly then drive 4 hours to eat this scrumptious pizza? There is plenty more locally sourced, fine food to choose from here and if you are very lucky and the sea gods are on your side, you may even get to indulge in giant, local, hand caught Crayfish (as we did)!

If you are a seafood fan there is absolutely nothing that can compare to a fresh, South Australian Crayfish with a simple squeeze of lemon.

Marion Bay Crayfish

Marion Bay Cray

During this trip, we didn’t venture into the Innes National Park, but if you are visiting the Yorke Peninsula, you will surely want to make the effort to enter the park.

Is it worth the effort? Absolutely.

This is one of the true wonders of South Australia. A sublime and beautiful stretch of rugged coast hidden away from the excesses of tourism. The minimal tourists that do visit, find beautiful beaches and cliffs, tales of dramatic shipwrecks and small numbers of dedicated fishermen and surfers who know this is a special place where they never have to compete with any crowds.

The park consists of 9,415 hectares and has diverse fauna, flora and geology.


Hello cutie

In the winter months, because the park is on the edge of the Roaring Forties in the Southern Ocean, the seas are both wild and dangerous.

Food was feasted upon, wine was guzzled and plenty of laughs were to be heard and had.

It was time to now venture back to the capital, for an evening of foodie delights in China Town, but that my friends is fine, foodie fodder for the next post.

If you would like further information on our one of a kind Dine and Vine food tour of Adelaide, please see our tour page and of course please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.