Do you seamlessly sort your carry-on items onto the security belt and glide through the gate with a smile on your dial? Well If not, I’ve mustered some of the best travel hacks, from my years at the Airport & onboard the Aircraft, to help you streamline your next travel experience.

It’s super easy peesy & really takes just a bit of simple planning.

World Traveller

Instead of guessing the adaptor type you need, or taking several, purchase a Universal Travel Adapter that can now cover a whopping 150 countries!

Pack with intent

Individual pieces are virtually useless if they don’t match anything else you’ve taken along, so pack by outfit. Think about the activities you plan on & pack specific outfits, for that purpose. I definitely recommend mixing and matching to keep the weight of your suitcase down as well.

Less is more

Smaller, empty bottles might seem like the best way to take your favourite products on holidays but the hassle and time of tipping your regular cleanser through a tiny opening is time wasted. Most brands now stock smaller versions of your fav products that are convenient and travel size.

Keep a log

Even after a long weekend away, the last thing you will think about when your wheeling your suitcase to your car is, WHERE IS THE CAR??

Avoid stressing & searching for your car, take a pic or save a note on your phone, of the parking spot, before you head away.

Properly pack your carry on

Carry on should ONLY contain the most practical items for your time on the Aircraft &/or in transit. For example: iPad/laptop, passports, a pen for paperwork, phone charger and a spare set of clothes if necessary.

Slide through Security

If the line through security is predominately people who appear to be on business rather than pleasure, choose that queue! It’s more likely to be a faster moving option, as opposed to one full of families, groups and less-frequent travellers. Remember, the queue length should not necessarily determine with line you choose. Also, as right-handed people dominate, statistics show people usually go to the right to queue, head left.

Fancy footwork

Avoid further delays at security, by wearing shoes that easily slip off. This may stop you from holding up the queue.

Keep an ear out

It’s so tempting to put your headphones on, but important announcements regarding flight delays and gate changes can be made over the PA – noise-cancelling varieties could risk you missing these updates. Avoid last-minute boarding pressure by keeping your headphones down, or off, in the moments prior to scheduled boarding.

Carry on convenience

Put the most important items into a little bag within your carry-on to cut down on time spent rifling for them once you’re getting ready to take your seat. A little bag you can put in the seat back will save you blocking the aisle during boarding.

Keep your cool

You could devour several movies (and glasses of vino), or you could use your time in the air as an alternate Rancho Relaxo. A select number of Airlines have now introduced in-flight meditation, relaxing inflight has never been easier and the guided sessions will leave you relaxed, mindful and super pumped, ready to enjoy your trip.

Take Charge

Make sure to bring along a USB cable. You can charge up by plugging the USB port on the back of any hotel TV whilst you get your beauty sleep. zzzzz

Happy Travels XX